Woman Freebies is giving away Justin Bieber tickets, an iPad3 and 500 Gift Cards! {Ends 6/30}

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Right now Womans Freebies are giving away 500 gift cards on their blog so head on over and find yours  here.  Good Luck and let us know if you find one!  When I joined I found a Starbucks!

Find Your Gift Card HERE

They will have this contest running till 6/30, so hurry, this will end!


Confused on how this works??  I found a FAQ:

We’re giving away one pair of Justin Bieber tickets, an iPad3 and 500 Gift Cards! Here’s all the info you need to participate:

What can I win?
There is one iPad3 and 500 “instant win” $5 gift cards up for grabs (McDonald’sStarbucksCVS and Dairy Queen); gift card winners may select which card they want – subject to availability. Please note, there is a limit of three prizes per mailing address.

We are also giving away one pair of tickets for any stop on Justin Bieber’s “Believe” concert tour. The tickets will be awarded to the winner of a raffle (held on July 3); the ballots for the raffle have been hidden on our site.

Who’s eligible to enter?
Bieber Tickets: US residents 13+
Gift Card Prizes: US residents 18+
Ipad 3: US residents 18+

When are you giving the prizes away?
 Prizes and ballots can found anytime between June 21st (10am EST) and June 30th(11pm EST). The iPad3 and gift cards are considered ‘instant wins’; Bieber ballots are entries into a draw that will take place on July 3rd, 2012.

Am I guaranteed to find a prize or ballot?
Unfortunately, no. Both are programmed to show up randomly; it will take a bit of luck to find either.

Where should I look?
We are hiding the prizes and Bieber Ballots on individual blog posts. They’ll appear below the paragraph of text after a 10 second delay. A blog is a single post with only one picture and one body of text. It may be about a coupon, free sample, sweepstakes etc.

What Will a Winner Notification look like?
Here are samples of our Bieber Ballot & Gift Card Winner Notifications.
please note: Actual Winner Notifications may vary slightly.
Sample Winner Notifications

What happens when I find a Bieber Ballot or prize?
Click on the Winner Notification and it will bring you to a form. If you found a ballot, you’ll instantly be added to our draw. If you found a gift card or the iPad3, it will be sent out by July 8, 2012.

What if I encounter technical difficulties?
If you believe you have encountered a technical error, please take a screenshot (or a photo of your screen) and send it to contests@womanfreebies.com.

Should I use a certain browser?
Nope! Any browser will work just fine – Chrome, Firexfox, Safari, Explorer, etc.

Is this contest available on your mobile site?
Yes! This contest is mobile friendly.

 Do the winner notifications load instantly?
No, both will take 10 full seconds to load. We had to add this delay to ensure our site doesn’t crash. This gives you about enough time to read each post before clicking “next.” You’ll be amazed at all the freebies and coupons you can find along the way!

Can I stay on one post and just refresh?
I wouldn’t recommend doing this because every post has different odds. This means if you’re on a post that’s less likely to have a ballot or prize, you are actually hurting your chances of being successful.

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